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Abdominal distension(腹脹)
Abdominal distension(心腹脹)
Abdominal distension and pain(心腹脹痛)
Abdominal distension and pain(腹脹痛)
Abdominal distension associated with Smallpox(痘瘡腹脹)
Abdominal distension due to blood stasis(血脹)
Abdominal distension due to coldness(寒脹)
Abdominal distension during pregnancy(妊娠心腹脹滿)
Abdominal distension in children(小兒腹脹)
Abdominal distension with Back pain(腎脹)
Abdominal fullness(腹滿)
Abdominal lumps(痞塊)
Abdominal mass(積聚)
Abdominal mass(痃癖)
Abdominal mass due to Qi stagnation(氣積)
Abdominal pain(腹痛)
Abdominal pain(熱腹痛)
Abdominal pain associated with Parasite infection(蟲腹痛)
Abdominal pain associated with Smallpox(痘瘡腹痛)
Abdominal pain due to blood stasis(瘀血腹痛)
Abdominal pain due to cold(積冷腹痛)
Abdominal pain due to cold(冷腹痛)
Abdominal pain due to iron intake(鐵器入腹刺痛)
Abdominal pain due to Parasite infection(蟲痛)
Abdominal pain due to phlegm and fluid stasis(痰飮腹痛)
Abdominal pain due to summer heat(傷暑腹痛)
Abdominal pain with blood loss(血虛腹痛)
Abdominal pain with chilled abdomen (Indigestion)(寒腹痛)
Abdominal pain with massive uterine bleeding(血崩腹痛)
Abdominal pain with spleno-cold(脾冷腹痛)
Abdominal pain, Colic(盤腸氣痛)
Abdominal pain, Food poisoning(傷食腹痛)
Abdominal wall carbuncle(肚癰)
Abdominla arrythmia in Febrile disease(傷寒動氣)
Abscess at chest wall(心癰)
Abscess with fistula formation(瘡瘻)
Abscess, Suppurative inflammation, Syphilis(瘡毒)
Accumulation of phlegm in chest(小結胸)
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